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ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind

The ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind consists of a camouflage Fabric Blind, aluminum Frame, Carry Bag and Instruction Manual. Comfortable, High Quality, Flexible, Easy to Use and Affordable! The ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind delivers them all!

Product Reviews

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4x4 hunting blinds
Tony Alfonse (Mattapoisett, MA) 4/19/2021 9:03 AM
I have 3 of these blinds set up on my property in Ohio for 3 yrs now without taking them down. They are mounted on 12' platforms and are still out there all in good condition. Getting ready to order our 4th. We mounted them to 3/4" PT plywood with carpet then to 12' tower stand. I have bought other blinds in the past only to last 1 season and throw away.
Great Product
DUANE POOLE (Damascus, MD) 9/10/2017 9:47 PM
I have two of these now. They frequently stay up all year as life makes it tough to get back out to the woods and take them down. Other than fading, they have lasted very well. No leaks, no real problems at all by my estimation. If my deer woods were bigger, I would have three of them, but two covers the whole property. If you are thinking of buying one...Do it - money well spent!
Great concept, excellent product...
Paul Thorne (Cass Lake, MN) 12/11/2014 1:51 PM
"This past season we purchased four of the Smithworks hunting blinds. We decided to go this route (versus building permanent box blinds) for two reasons. One is because we hunt on leased property. The second is because invariably, someone wants to move their stand to a better location. The ease of moving these blinds sold us on giving them a try. With leased property, you never know when the landowner may decide to terminate the lease or raise the rate to something that you just can't afford. It seemed that the flexibility that these blinds offered for easy installation and removal made the most sense. This past season (2014) was a cold one in northern Minnesota. The product couldn't have performed better. It protected us from the wind, hid our body movements and allowed us to eat and drink coffee in an effort to stay warm in sub zero temperatures. Our hunting party is sold on the quality and design of these blinds. With all hunters in our party being in their 60's, this made a huge difference. Thanks to Smithworks, we were able stay comfortable and continue to hunt during these tough conditions".
Money Well Spent
Todd Pamperin (Tigerton, WI) 6/4/2011 7:56 AM
The SmithWorks Outdoors ComfortQuest blind was a great investment. I hunt in central Wisconsin and sometimes our hunting seasons are a little unpredictable. On the Monday of our gun season it rained all day.......windy.........thundered lightning and even hailed . I sat all day in this blind and stayed dry, warm and very comfortable. I saw 17 deer that day including 3 bucks. All my friends thought I was nuts. Maybe they should have bought a blind? Smithworks puts out a great product and would recommend this to anyone. Going to get my father one this year. Great job and a great product. Money well spent. Todd Pamperin Wisconsin
It's About Time Someone Came Up With This!
James Hoeft (Oshkosh, WI) 3/14/2011 6:47 PM
In all of my years hunting I have been looking for a blind like the ComfortQuest. They hit a homerun with this product! I'm very impressed with the quality and the price. I have seen some out there for more money and half the quality.
Comfort and Big Grin Factor
John P (Prior Lake, MN) 5/3/2010 7:55 AM
After using your ComfortQuest deer blind last hunting season, I can sum up my evaluation in one word! WOW! Forget the fact that it is lightweight and portable, great camo, blackout interior, superior zipperds on all four windows, standup height, durable and no-flap in high winds, available options like vinyl windows, screens, hooks shelves, etc. etc. etc. The most impressive thing is that I was comfortable in the nasty Minnesota deer hunting season, in all types of weather: sun, rain, snow, incredible wind. Maybe you should call it the WOW blind. I was naughty though and ignored your "no heater" tags, but I was toasty warm. My only disapointment is that your product didn't come out years ago. But we got it now! Bottom line: comfort and big grin factor, especially after a couple of bucks. Thank you for bringing such a great quality product to us hunters.
One Happy Customer
Bob K (Prior Lake, MN) 3/8/2010 1:23 PM
My ComfortQuest Blind is the most comfortable hunting blind I've ever used. Set-up and take-down are actually a pleasant experience. Quality is apparent and the fit is a real plus on windy days; no flapping or unwanted movement to attract attention. A solid investment!
I Love the Blind
Rick S (Bloomington, MN) 3/8/2010 1:16 PM
SmithWorks Outdoors: I would like to say Thank You for coming up with one of the best blinds I have ever hunted out of. Your attention to quality, functionality and detail in the design of your blind is much appreciated. I have been an avid deer hunter for almost 40 years. I can honestly say, for two years now I have hunted out of your blind and finally I look forward to hunting in inclement weather. Now I can count on being dry and comfortable while hunting. Also it is nice to be able to stand up and stretch from time to time after sitting for hours. I love the blind!
Very Comfortable
Terry M (Prior Lake, MN) 3/6/2010 10:38 AM
"I deer hunt with a group of partners in a deer camp located in northern Minnesota. The November weather up there can be varied and unpredictable. In the last two deer seasons, we have seen everything from blizzards to 60F and sunny with rain and wind in between. I hunted out of a SmithWorks Outdoors ComfortQuest blind both years. The versatility of the design allows for tree or ground placement and easy mobility when the game moves to a new area. Once my platform is in place it takes me 10-15 minutes to set up the blind and I am slow! The blind is quiet, dry and comfortable in all conditions. The space is large enough to get up and stretch especially with the 6"6" interior height. The flexibility of the window configurations, window kits and screens allows me to adjust for both comfort and visibility of my hunting area. During last year's hunt the buck I harvested looked right at the blind and still did not react but continued to advance. I am extremely happy with the quality and utility of the blind and look forward to the next product from SmithWorks Outdoors."