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Question: Can I leave the ComfortQuest Blind and frame up all year?
Answer: Although you CAN leave the blind and frame up all year we recommend that you at least remove the fabric blind from the frame at the end of the hunting season. It only takes about 1 minute to remove the blind and it will last years longer if you remove it, make sure it is dry and store it in the carry bag.

Question: Will the ComfortQuest Blinds fade or turn orange over time?
Answer: ComfortQuest Blinds are treated with UV inhibitors (level 4 on a scale of 5) and are extremely resistant to fading and will not turn orange. In 4 years of field testing our blinds we have experienced no fading.

Question: Are the ComfortQuest Blinds waterproof?
Answer: The fabric used to manufacture the ComfortQuest Blinds is 600 denier polyurethane coated polyester making it one of the most water resistant blinds available today.

Question: Where is the door in the ComfortQuest Blind?
Answer: The ComfortQuest SW4x4 Blind has a 48” zippered door on the front side and also has a 72” installation zipper on the adjacent side. The zippered door is used to enter and exit the blind and the installation zipper makes it easy to install the blind on the aluminum frame. The ComfortQuest SW4x6 Blind has a 48” zippered door on one of the 4’ ends and a 72” installation zipper on the opposite 4’ end.

Question: How is the ComfortQuest Blind installed on the frame?
Answer: The ComfortQuest SW4x4 and SW4x6 Blind both include a 72” installation zipper. To install the blind on the frame, simply unzip the installation zipper completely, slide the fabric blind over the frame and zip the installation zipper back to its closed position.

Question: Will the ComfortQuest Blind flap in the wind?
Answer: The ComfortQuest SW4x4 and Sw4x6 Blinds are designed to fit very snug on the aluminum frame. Both models also include integrated internal bungee cords that attach to the aluminum frame on the inside of the blind. Both blinds also include D-rings on the bottom hem that are connected to adjustable bungee cords (included) on the underside of the customer provided stand platform. The combination of snug fit, internal and external bungee cords means very little movement in the wind.

Question: How much wind can the ComfortQuest Blind handle?
Answer: In our most extreme tests in northern Minnesota, our blinds endured a 3-day wind storm with sustained winds of 45 MPH and gusts of up to 60 MPH. To maximize resistance to high winds it is important that the blind is installed properly and all instructions are followed carefully.

Question: Can I use the ComfortQuest Blind as a ground blind?
Answer: Yes. We offer an optional Ground Blind Frame for the both the SW4x4 and the SW4x6 blinds. With this optional accessory, you can use the ComfortQuest Blinds as a ground blind. The optional frames include (12) 10” steel stakes that are used to secure the ground blind frame to the ground. You can also mount the ComfortQuest 4x4 and 4x6 Blinds on a customer provided wood platform on the ground.

Question: How do I set up the ComfortQuest Hunting blind?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Hunting Blind comes with a very comprehensive Owner's Manual that details frame setup, fabric blind installation, parts list and pictures. You can also view/print the ComfortQuest Owner's Manual on the Customer Support page of this web site.

Question: How long does it take to set up the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind?
Answer: The initial ComfortQuest Hunting Blind setup should take about 15 minutes since you need to install the corner bases. Once the corner bases are installed, you can reinstall the blind in about 10 minutes or less.

Question: What tools do I need to setup the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind?
Answer: All you will need is a Phillips screwdriver to install the corner bases onto your stand. The rest of the frame setup is simplified with the use of friction fit nylon connectors and hitch pins which are included in the blind package. The installation of the fabric blind is made easy with a full length installation zipper and bungees at the corners and hem to tighten the blind and minimize movement due to wind.

Question: How do I install the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind on my own 4' x 4' platform?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Hunting Blind can be mounted on any 4' x 4' platform. The platform must be exactly 4' x 4' so the frame and fabric blind fit snugly on it. Then, it's a matter of following the instructions in the Owner's Manual.

Question: Can I use the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind for archery hunting?
Answer: Yes! However, SmithWorks Outdoors recommends you use a compound bow for optimal movement in the blind.

Question: Where can I buy the ComfortQuest Hunting blind?
Answer: You can purchase the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind at the Retailers listed on our website. You can also go to the Products page of this website and order it from SmithWorks Outdoors.

Question: Can the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind be easily shipped?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Hunting Blind weighs in at about 29 pounds. If you purchase the blind from SmithWorks Outdoors, everything can be shipped via FedEx Ground or FedEx Standard Overnight.

Question: How do I install the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind Optional Vinyl Windows and Mesh Screens?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Fabric Blind has powerful rare earth magnets that are permanently attached to the blind. These magnets are mated with other PowerMag magnets which are used to install the screens and vinyl windows. Each of the large blind windows have 3 magnets across the top and an additional magnet in each of the lower corners. The rear side, with two smaller windows, has four magnets across the top and one in each of the two lower corners. Typically, on calm or mild wind days, one magnet in each upper corner will hold the screens and windows in place. In stronger winds more magnets can be added for greater holding power. Magnets were used to guarantee silent installation and removal of the screens and windows.

Question: Where do I store the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind when I'm not using it?
Answer: Make sure the ComfortQuest Fabric Blind is completely dry, and then it can be neatly folded and stored in the Carry Bag which is included in the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind Package.

Question: What are the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind specifications?
Answer: The Blind is 48" x 48" x 78" (a full 6'6" stand-up height).

Question: Is there a patent for the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Hunting Blind frame, fabric structure, Power Mag magnets and carry bag are all patent pending.

Question: What materials is the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind made of?
Answer: The Blind fabric is 600 Denier water resistant polyester fabric with a blackout interior and genuine YKK zippers. The camouflage pattern is NextCamo G-1.

The Blind frame is T6063 high grade aluminum with an extremely durable black powder coat finish.

The Blind carry bag is 900 Denier black polyester fabric with a genuine YKK zipper.

Question: How do you get into the ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds?
Answer: There is a 53" zippered door on the left side of the blinds that allows you to enter.

Question: Can you mount the ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds on larger platforms than 4'x 4' or 4' x 6'?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds are designed to mount on a 4' x4' or 4' x 6' platform respectively, but you can mount them on larger platforms if you either a) build an appropriately sized 2' x 4' frame on top of the larger platform or b) buy the optional Ground Blind Frame Kit and mount the frame on top of your oversized platform. This will provide a stable mount for your 4' x4' or 4' x 6' ComfortQuest Hunting Blind.

Question: How should I store my clear vinyl windows in the off season?
Answer: To preserve the smoothness and clarity of the windows, you can roll them with a layer of paper between each window (included in the original shipping carton, and store them in the original shipping carton).

Question: How can I remove wrinkles from my clear vinyl windows?How can I remove wrinkles from my clear vinyl windows?
Answer: The best method is to put up your ComfortQuest blind a month or two before the season and, with the zippered windows all closed, install the clear vinyl windows in the blind. The heat normally associated with early season weather will heat up the blind and remove most or all of the wrinkles. If it is too cold for this method, then an alternate method is to hold the windows in front of a heat source (such as a fireplace blower, indoor heater, hair dryer, etc.) for about 5-10 minutes per window. This should remove most or all of the wrinkles.

Question: How much wind can the magnetic mount vinyl windows handle?
Answer: The amount of wind that the windows can handle is dependent on the velocity of the winds and on how the windows are configured. In gentle winds, 3 magnets at the top of the window are all that are needed. In more aggressive winds, you can “stack” additional magnets on the window on the upwind side of the blind to significantly increase the holding power of the magnets. You can also add magnets on the bottom edge of the window. In extreme winds, you can partially close the outer zippered window and “stack” additional magnets on the window on the upwind side of the blind to increase the holding power even more.

Question: How do I get the fabric to fit the blind without overstretching the zipper?
Answer: Our YKK zippers have been triple-tested during the manufacturing process. When assembling the hunting blind for the first time, be sure to line up the corners correctly and then pull the two fabric panels together when closing the zipper. If the zippers are stressed during an improper installation, the warranty will be voided. Temperature does effect the tautness of the fit. The fabric cover fit will acclimate to the weather, like those old blue jeans that loosen up once they are in place.

Question: Can I use a ComfortQuest Blind on a stand platform that is larger than 4x4 or 4x6?
Answer: Yes. You can install a ComfortQuest Blind on wood or steel mesh platforms that are larger than 4x4 or 4x6. We designed an Elevatable 4x6' Base Frame for people who desire a raised blind. The purchaser/user of the Elevatable Base Frame assumes all risk if the base frame is elevated higher than 6" above the ground.

Question: What is the load capacity of the ComfortQuest Sport Chair?
Answer: The rated load capacity of the Chair is 300 lbs

Question: How much does the Sport Chair weigh?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Sport Chair weighs just 16 lbs. It includes a carry bag with shoulder strap. The Chair itself also includes carry handles for transport without the carry bag.

Question: Can I leave the Sport Chair outdoors all season?
Answer: The ComfortQuest Sport Chair is manufactured using 600D polyurethane coated polyester fabric for the seat, back and arm rests and powder coated aluminum for the frame. Although it is extremely resistant to the elements, we do not recommend leaving it outdoors for extended periods. If it necessary to leave it outdoors, we recommend that you protect it from the elements (a heavy duty trash bag works great to keep the chair dry, free of snow, frost, etc).