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About Us

Mission Statement

SmithWorks Outdoors / Traveling Tower delivers ultimate outdoor products that guarantee meticulous design, quality construction and uncompromised value for discriminating outdoorsmen.

Company Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hard Work
  • Innovative Design
  • Unequaled Service

Combining SmithWorks Outdoors and Traveling Tower

In 2019, Dave and Terry Smith decided it was time to retire. As they contemplated their options, Todd Rubey contacted Dave to place an order for more chairs and blinds before the annual Pennsylvania trade show. They struck up a conversation and a plan was hatched for Todd to purchase SmithWorks Outdoors from the Smiths.

The transaction was finalized in May 2020. At that time, the paperwork, trademarks, patents and accounting were turned over to Todd. The product was moved to his warehouse in Elk River, Minnesota. When asked why he wanted to invest in an additional business, Todd said, "I liked the product so much that I purchased the company!" High praise indeed. Dave and Terry have been able to enjoy some much-deserved relaxation, yet they are still available if the need arises.

History of Traveling Tower

Todd has been an avid hunter for many years. He often found it difficult to take his hunting blind out through the briars and brambles of the wilderness without getting stuck and unable to reach the prime hunting spots. Calling upon the his engineer's mind, he began to put together a scaffold that could be quickly assembled and attached to a vehicle that could get to hard-to-reach areas easily. Once he developed a working prototype which he name the "Traveling Tower," he took it to trade shows to see how they would be received. He found enormous interest among hunters, so he proceeded to patent his invention.

Todd also discovered many other ways that the Traveling Tower could be used, including construction, home remodeling, and agriculture. He developed accessories so that the tower could be used on ATV, UTV, and boats. He also discovered that the SmithWorks Blind fit perfectly on the tower, a match made in heaven, or at least Minnesota!
Traveling Tower Transition

History of SmithWorks Outdoors and the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind

SmithWorks Outdoors is the vision of Dave Smith. Dave retired from owning a successful Security Company in Burnsville, Minnesota for 38 years. And although he loved the business environment, his true passion was spending time in the North Woods of Minnesota where he and his hunting partners have hunted deer for more than 40 years.

In 2006, after Dave and his hunting companions had tried dozens of ladder stands, climbing stands, ground blinds and tree seats of all makes and models, the need for a new hunting blind design became clear. The vision of the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind began and was translated into the first computerized drawings. After the purchase of an industrial sewing machine, the first ComfortQuest Hunting Blind prototype took shape.

Group shot of hunters standing in front of their game Dave Smith standing in front of 3 deer heads on a wall Final Design

In 2007, Dave produced 15 more prototypes. He and his hunting partners tested the prototypes for three hunting seasons. Dave listened to the experienced hunters, implemented their suggestions and finalized the design of the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind.

In 2010, hunters requested larger blinds, so SmithWorks Outdoors designed and manufactured the larger 4x6 ComfortQuest Blind. It has the same great features as the earlier 4x4 ComfortQuest Blind (aluminum frame, 600 denier water resistant polyester fabric blind and carry bag) only mounts on a 4x6 platform.

Hunters also asked for a chair that was comfortable, light-weight and could be transported easily to their hunting spot, thus the introduction of the ComfortQuest SPORT Chair, the first comfortable, lightweight, packable swivel arm chair.  We added the "Big Boy" Chair to accomodate robust hunters to 450 lbs along with Optional Turkey Legs for both the SPORT and "BIG BOY" Chairs to provide low profile seating 8 to 10 inches off the ground.

Products Screens Products Windows Hooks Shelf

SmithWorks Outdoors is dedicated to offering only superior hunting products that Dave and his hunting group approve of and use themselves. We are adding accessories to enhance the main ComfortQuest Hunting Blind package. So far, these accessories include a Mesh Screen Package, a Window Package and a Hook and Shelf Package, a 5-LED remote controlled Light, a Blind Mat and a blaze orange Safety Wrap. Look for more products to be added in the coming seasons.


Quality and Affordability

SmithWorks Outdoors has a true commitment to manufacturing quality products that hunters love to use at a price all hunters can afford.


Dave's Personal Endorsement

"I have personally used the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind in the field for several hundred hours. I love it and I know you will too. I know it will allow you to enjoy your sport in comfort!

I look forward to hearing about your successful hunt using the ComfortQuest Hunting Blind!"

- Dave Smith