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Welcome to SmithWorks Outdoors and Traveling Tower!

SmithWorks Outdoors is proud to present the 4'x4' and 4'x6' ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds, Accessories for the ComfortQuest Blinds and the very popular ComfortQuest Sport Chair. Our goal is to provide you with a truly comfortable and affordable environment, while you await the heart-pounding moment of your hunting adventure.

Solid glass fold-down windows will be available soon -

watch here for more details!

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Sport Chairs Hunting Blinds Base Frame Traveling Tower
Sport Chair Hunting Blind Base Frame

The ComfortQuest SPORT and "Big Boy" Chairs!

It’s no longer necessary to lug your old office chair to the woods, rather take a light weight ComfortQuest SPORT or “Big Boy” Chairs.

The ComfortQuest Sport Chair is the World’s First Comfortable, Packable, Folding Swivel Arm Chair with adjustable legs, carry bag and turf feet.

The ComfortQuest Chairs have an aluminum frame with black powder coated finish. The padded seat, back and arms are covered in 600D water resistant coated polyester fabric. The seat sizes are large and comfortable so they accommodate a hunter with heavy hunting clothing. The Sport Chair weighs a mere 16 pounds.

The chair legs are adjustable from 13 to 18 inches to allow a seat height of 18 to 23 inches. The ComfortQuest Chairs fold to a compact size and stow in a carry bag with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

The ComfortQuest “Big Boy” has the same great features as the ComfortQuest Sport Chair and has added features which include an extra large 18” x 24” seat, heavy duty reinforced aluminum frame, and extended weight capacity to 450 lbs. The "Big Boy" weighs only 19.5 pounds.

Legs stow on back of folded chair
Chair stows in carry bag

SmithWorks ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds

The ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds can be mounted on any 4'x4' or 4'x6' platform you may already have at your hunting site.

Using a SmithWorks Ground Blind Frame Kit, the ComfortQuest Blinds can also be used as a ground blind.


What's Included in a ComfortQuest Blind Package?

1. Black Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
2. Camouflage Fabric Blind with Zippered Windows
3. Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Introducing Our New SmithWorks Elevatable* Base Frame!

Many of our customers have requested us to create a way that our blinds can be elevated off of the ground easily. Our new 4'x6' elevatable* blind frame is designed to be attached to the customer's supplied lumber to create a study platform. These examples of our 4'x6' ComfortQuest blind attached to a base frame shown on the ground and 10 feet above ground. There are many other creative uses for the base frame, including as the base for a child's playhouse.

Base from with 4x6' blind 4x4' frame on elevated base frame

*Disclaimer – The purchaser and/or user of the SmithWorks Elevatable Base Frame assumes all risk in the event that the base frame is elevated higher than 6" above the ground. All liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense incurred from that action is waived and released in full.

The Traveling Tower

Ever see a field that would be a perfect spot to hunt but there was no practical cover options? Ever set up your gear and then realize all the action was in the next clearing? Never again will you have those kind of problems. Traveling Tower is a hunting tower you can take anywhere. This hunting stand folds down and attaches to your ATV, UTV or Pickup. It will go anywhere you can go. 

Drive to your spot and effortlessly raise the tower to get straight to business. With the option to stake the Traveling Tower into the ground, you can pull your ATV, UTV or Pickup away for excursions. You have multiple camouflaging options so as far as wildlife is concerned you’re just a funny looking tree.

The Traveling Tower is built with electrolyzed powder-coated steel. That means you, a friend, and all your gear can sit at an 11 -14 foot observation height or higher with our new extension kit.

What Can you Expect from SmithWorks Outdoors and Traveling Tower Products?

Comfort, High Quality, Flexible, Easy to Use and Affordable!

The ComfortQuest Hunting Blinds, SPORT Chairs and the Traveling Tower deliver them all! Now all you have to do is "Enjoy Your Sport"!

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Today's Specials

ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind
Price: $499.99
ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind
The ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind consists of a camouflage Fabric Blind, aluminum Frame, Carry Bag and Instruction Manual. Comfortable, High Quality, Flexible, Easy to Use and Affordable! The ComfortQuest 4x4 Hunting Blind delivers them all!
ComfortQuest 4x6 Hunting Blind
Price: $619.99
ComfortQuest 4x6 Hunting Blind
The ComfortQuest 4x6 Hunting Blind consists of a camouflage Fabric Blind, Aluminum Frame, Carry Bag and comprehensive Instruction Manual. Comfortable, High Quality, Flexible, Easy to Use and Affordable. Now you can enjoy your sport with others!
Elevatable 4x6' Base Frame
Price: $399.99
Elevatable 4x6' Base Frame
4x6' base frame to use with SW4x4 or SW4x6 blinds. Supply your own elevating legs and deck plywood.

*The purchaser/user of the Elevatable Base Frame assumes all risk if the base frame is elevated higher than 6" above the ground.

The Traveling Tower - ATV, UTV & Pickups
MSRP: $1,299.00
Price: $999.00
You Save: $300.00 (23 %)
The Traveling Tower - ATV, UTV & Pickups
Covid Discount - Regular $1299, Now $999! 4x4' Basic Tower Assembly with ATV frame, hand-crank winch, and boat seat mount.